• Incident Response

    After a digital attack or compromise of data it is critical to quickly respond to that threat. Red Flare Security is ready to apply cutting edge threat intelligence techniques to identify the scope of a breach, eradicate the threats and minimize damages to your organization.

  • Digital Forensics

    Red Flare Security's team of consultants help identify, preserve and collect digital evidence for use in civil, criminal and enterprise cases. Regardless of the situation, our team is ready to engage in forensics examinations of digital evidence to discover the truth.

  • Digital Security Assessments

    It is important to discover flaws in your organizations systems before attackers find them. Digital security audits determine weaknesses in infrastructure, test applications for vulnerabilities as well as ensures that proper controls have been implemented and are effective. Digital security assessments should be conducted regularly to detect and patch vulnerabilities.

  • Physical Security Audits

    Physical security and its maintenance is important for reducing existential and financial risk to your organization. Knowing where the holes in physical security exist at your company is an absolute must if you want to secure your data. Red Flare Security's physical audits aim to answer the question: can people physically access your data or restricted spaces?

  • Malware Analysis

    If your organization believes that malware may have entered into your systems, our response team is ready to react to the situation. We will perform malware analysis on any potentially malicious files that are discovered. This allows us to determine if it is indeed malware, what type, and the impact that it might have on your  organizations’ systems.

  • Security Advice

    Whether your company is developing a product or needs operational security advice, our team of experts are available to talk to about any security concerns your organization may have.

Recent News

  • Simulating Advanced Persistent Threat Group Activity

    Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) groups are elite adversaries that combine multiple advanced attack vectors with stealth to avoid detection. APT groups typically attack and maintain control over target systems for long periods of time. Organizations that may be targeted by APT groups should regularly audit and harden systems to mitigate the risk of these attacks. […]

  • Comprehensive Analysis of a PlugX Malware Variant

    First identified in 2012, PlugX is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) known to be used against high profile government institutions and other organizations. PlugX has evolved and has also been seen as Korplug, SOGU and DestroyRAT. The primary functionality of the malware is to: Provide persistence access for adversaries. Perform surveillance of the infected machines. […]


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